Stroke Unit

 Our Stroke Unit is an acute neurological ward dedicated to providing specialist services for people who have had a stroke. Stroke units have been shown to reduce death and disability through the provision of specialist multidisciplinary care for diagnosis, emergency treatments, normalisation of homeostasis, prevention of complications, rehabilitation and secondary prevention. Regions Stroke and Neuroscience Hospital has 13 dedicated stroke beds, fully equipped with multimodality patient monitoring. Our stroke team which comprises our stroke doctor, stroke trained nurses, pharmacists, rehabilitation specialists, social worker and nutritionists work together in a multidisciplinary team to provide the best care for our patients. All stroke patients  benefit from provision of high-quality basic medical care and some need high impact specific treatments. While admitted to the stroke unit, our patients undergo treatment and several tests performed to determine the cause of their stroke. Such tests include but are not limited to; CT scan, CT angiogram, MRI, MRA, Transcranial doppler, Prolonged heart rhythm monitoring, Echocardiogram with bubble study and several laboratory studies. Most doctors concentrate on getting you better after a stroke. At Regions we concentrate on getting you better, stronger and quicker, but most importantly understanding the reason why you had a stroke. We do this because we know that your risk of having another stroke after the first stroke increases astronomically, unless your doctor is able to correctly identify the reason and treat it specifically. All patients admitted in our Stroke Units follow a  standard patient care pathway which include assessment of neurological impairment, vascular risk factors, swallowing, fluid balance and nutrition, cognitive function, communication, mood disorders, continence, activities of daily living and rehabilitation goals. This ensures that nothing is missed and no stone is left unturned when you are admitted with a stroke in our facility. We follow the American Stroke Association guidelines and core measures strictly for the care of our patients. We ensure good communication and shared decision making with patients and their families; which are key to high-quality stroke care. Once stabilized and all investigations to ascertain the cause of the stroke are completed, patients with mild or moderate disability, who are medically stable, can continue rehabilitation at home with early supported discharge teams rather than needing a prolonged stay in hospital. Our social worker typically follow up with home calls to ensure that the patient continues to do well and that their care givers at home are well supported. The development of specialized stroke units and this model of care has been a landmark innovation in acute stroke care. Regions Neurosciences ensures that all our patients benefit from innovative and specialized care offered in our state of the art stroke units.

Our experts are here for you every single day! We care about our stroke patients and we do our best to make them happy.

Dr Benjamin Anyanwu