The PSC is a simple, easy-to-use checklist of 11 key questions that helps health care professionals identify post-stroke problems amenable to treatment and/or referral.

The key questions focus on:

  • 1) Secondary stroke prevention
  • 2) Activities of daily living
  • 3) Mobility
  • 4) Spasticity
  • 5) Pain
  • 6) Incontinence
  • 7) Communication
  • 8) Mood
  • 9) Cognition
  • 10) Life after stroke
  • 11) Relationship with family

The questions included in the checklist support productive clinician-patient dialogue and it is envisaged that the PSC will be administered during regular stroke follow-up at designated time intervals i.e. 3-months, 6-months, 12-months post stroke and annually thereafter. The twelfth point which should not be forgotten is the strain of patient´s next-to-kin and caregivers. Their professional support when needed will improve the well-being of the patient.

At Regions our specialists work hard to ensure that these measures are met in all patients that present to us with stroke.